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2015 Santana TI700

February 13

This 2015 Santana TI700 tandem bike has a medium size titanium frame. Everything on the bike is in excellent condition. It was only ridden two years. The reason for this sale is the captain's decline due to Alzheimer's.

The frame is equipped with S&S couplers, so it can be disassembled for transportation. Safe Case included.

The bike has been retrofitted with Shimano internal electric shifters, including a gear display box. It has Shimano Ultegra rear and front derailleurs and a XT 11/40 cassette.

The original front carbon fork V brake has been replaced with a WoundUp carbon fork and disc brake. We still have the original fork. The original rotor was replaced with a Gear 4 disc brake rotor.

Asking price: $13,500.

The bike is located in Exeter, CA.

For more information please Send an Email. (marshalltaylor [at} csnet [dot) net)


Arkel Tandem Panniers TT-84

February 13

Arkel's capacious TT-84 Tandem Panniers provide ample space to carry enough touring gear for two! And of course, these large panniers host a bevy of pockets to keep all that gear organized and stable. Each bag has a 100% waterproof bottom pocket, specially made to hold a sleeping bag, and both bags sport Arkel's unique tent pole/sleeping pad pockets. And, they boast tons of pockets and reflective accents. Get the most out of your tandem with Arkel's Tandem Touring series panniers.

These are for tandem touring, as in self contained tandem touring. Individuals without adequate self-control have been known to use them on singles, but they are huge.

The panniers have the traditional 2 hooks/bungee cord system. The TT-84 were discontinued just before the Cam-lock system was put on the market.

These panniers are in good condition - they are just dusty from storage. Missing is fanny pack from one of the panniers. The sale includes Arkel rain covers specific to the model.

Price: $250.

The panniers are located in Des Moines, IA.

For more information please call 5(Won]5-65{ZeRo)-9{Too!]70.

Rans Seavo Recumbent Tandem

February 5

This Rans Seavo recumbent tandem is a comfortable, great touring bike. It has had little use in the last 5 years. It was originally built at the Hostel Shoppe in , WI.

This is an awesome bike and deserves to be ridden!

Price: $2,800.

The bike is located in Wales, WI. We are willing to negotiate shipping.

For more information please call 4(Won}4-6[Ate)7-719[Too!].

Chrome Moly 1-1/4" Threadless Tandem Fork, Chromed

February 11

I purchased this fork used years ago thinking I would use it for a project, but it has just been sitting in a garage in Southern California.

I'm just trying to find it a new home before I move.

Price: $30, including shipping within the continental United States.

For more information please Send an Email. (r3woods [at} gmail [dot) com)

FSA SL-K Carbon Cranks (Rear Only)

February 5

I have a set of FSA SL-K carbon cranks, rear only.

Price is $319, but I'll respond to all offers.

The cranks are located in Chapel Hill, NJ 27510. Local pick up, or buyer pays shipping, which I figure will be about $20.

For more information please Send an Email. (doughnutboyracing [at} hotmail [dot) com)

Co-Motion Co-Pilot with S&S Couplers

February 5

This beautiful tandem is equipped with six S&S couplers (also known as Bicycle Torque Couplings, or BTCs) so it can be separated into three pieces. Once the frame is broken down and the wheels removed, it will fit two (included) cases for easy transportation to your destination. No oversize luggage fees!

This is the first Co-Motion tandem bike EVER to have S&S couplers!

Asking $4,000.

The bike is located in Portland, ME.

For more information please call 2(zErO]7-2{Oh!]9-21{won]4 or Send an Email. (richparamountautos [at} gmail [dot) com)

Cannondale Road Tandem

February 4

We bought this Cannondale Road Tandem new from Tandems East in 2006. It has always been garaged. The mileage is unknown, but it is less than 2,000. We're selling the bike because of our age, and we're not riding any more. We had no crashes on the bike.

The size is XL/S. This bike has been good fit for 6-0 captain who is now down to 5-10. The 5-4 stoker rode it with no complaint about the fit.

Extras are 35mm tires (28mm are on the bike now), Bento boxes for each rider, four drink holders, Shimano Flightdeck bike computer, and a toolkit with folding tire, tube, pump, and tools for roadside repairs.

There are two front handlebar mounts including the original. Both will come with the bike.

Price: $1,600.

The bike is located in San Antonio, TX. Local pickup preferred. The bike could be shipped at buyer's expense.

For more information please call 210-862-2415 or Send an Email. (jimwild [at} satx [dot) rr {dot) com)


2014 Cannondale T2

February 1

This 2014 Cannondale T2 is size XL/S. The current captain is 6'2" and the stoker is 5'6.

The drivetrain is Shimano 105 3x10. The brakes are Avid BB7 disc brakes. We have upgraded the stoker seatpost to a ThudBuster and replaced the timing chain with a Gates belt drive.

The bike has around 1,500 miles on it.

Asking price is $1,400.

The bike is in Nashua, NH. Local pick up only.

For more information Send an Email. (stgreene59 [at} gmail [dot) com)

da Vinci Joint Adventure

February 1

This 2009 da Vinci Designs Joint Adventure tandem is in excellent condition and has been carefully maintained. The size is medium (captain) / small (stoker).

This tandem is equipped with da Vinci's independent pedaling system (IPS). The captain and stoker can freewheel independently. This system also provides 32 gear combinations (4 x 8).

The bike is equipped with Avid disk brakes front and rear. It has a Cane Creek "Thudbuster" stoker seat mount.

The sale includes a complete set of Park tools for maintenance, including a torque wrench. Also included is a dial gauge for truing wheels and an extra 34t spider.

Price: $3,200 OBO.

The bike is located in Phoenix, AZ.

For more information, please call 6(oh!]2-7{fore!]3-1[ate)27 or Send an Email. ( sheldonzola [at} yahoo [dot) com)

A. Rodriguez AL26 Tandem

January 10

This Made-in-America bike has literally been ridden 3 or 4 times, verified, and is now part of an estate sale. It has been hanging in storage since 1992. Original everything.

Click for some photos

Price: $2,200.

The bike is located in North Carolina.

For more information please call 8(Oh!}5-7{Won]2-379{too].

Want to Buy - Small/Small Tandem

December 10

I want to purchase a tandem that is small/small in size and no more than 6 years old.

Please call 97{too]-6(nine}3-2[too}55 or Send an Email with information. (ziggy1056 (at] gmail {dot) com).

2011 Co-Motion Speedster

December 3

Hi Folks, I have a same-as-new 2011 Co-Motion Cycles Tandem. It is a size small. The geometry and components are listed in a couple of the pictures. (Click on the small picture to the right.)

This bike has only 197 miles ridden. So, if your looking for a like new tandem and don't want to break the bank, then this one could be yours. I am the original owner, and it has always been kept in my climate-controlled home.

Asking $3,300.

The bike is located in the Portland, OR area.

For more information, please Send an Email. ( josephpliegoautos [at} aol [dot) com)

2010 DaVinci Symbiosis XC

November 29

This 2010 DaVinci Symbiosis XC Tandem Bike has a frame that is coupled, which means it will come apart in three sections and can be packed into a standard-sized airline suitcase. That also makes it very easy to fit in the car. The bike comes with custom padding for each frame piece.

This tandem is a cross country bike for comfortable road and gravel road tours. The bike is very well maintained.Some of the photos show it without saddles, with the timing chain in a plastic bag, cables disconnected, and the frame in pieces. These were all taken as we were breaking the bike down to move and help show the breakdown process.

This bike is a little small for us. The current captain is 6' and a bit cramped. The former captain was 5' 10" and fit like a dream.

A key feature of this bike is the da Vinci independent coasting. The da Vinci website has a great explanation, but basically the captain or the stoker can coast while the other is pedaling.

Price: $4,000.

The bike is located in Salt Lake City, UT. Local pick up, or I will be glad to negotiate shipping arrangements with a prospective buyer.

For more information, please Send an Email. ( steelypirateheart [at} yahoo [dot) com)


Bike Bag: Bike Pro USA

November 29

This is a canvas Bike Pro USA bike bag that mounts on the rear of your bike. It mounts onto the bike rack. It has a front mesh pouch and a side pouch. It zips open with an extension that will accommodate larger items such as a bike jackets. Size is: 12" x 12" x 7-1/2". It is 6" deep, and the top will extend to an additional 6-3/4".

All of the zippers work. It was only used twice on our tandem and is in excellent condition.

I have also advertised this bag on Craigslist

Price: $40.00.

The bag is near Cleveland, OH. Cash payment and local pickup or email me to make shipping arrangements. The shipper pays charges.

For more information please Send an Email (vaidehi531 [at} yahoo {dot) com).

Spectrum Cycle Tandem

November 29

Built in 2008 by Tom Kellogg's Spectrum Cycles, this tandem is built for the road, a 30 speed jewel of both mechanical harmony and visual artistry. The tubing is aircraft grade alloy for rigidity and lightness. Kellogg only builds one Tandem per year.

Gearing is from 29-130 gear inches in about 3 point increments, allowing your team to always be in the perfect place in your power curve. Brakes and gearing are Shimano, with a Phil Wood drag brake under separate handlebar thumb control.

Pilot should be 5'10" to 6'3", stoker 5'4" to 6'4". The bike was originally built for wife and son-in-law (a 6'4" NFL player). The bike has only 100 original miles. The pilot had knees replaced, end of the ride...

For serious and strong pair, the top of the line, only bike you'll ever want or need.

Original cost $10k+

Price: $8,500.

This beautiful bike is located in North Plainfield, NJ. I prefer local pick up, or I will cooperate with shipping arranged for and paid by buyer.

For more information please call 573-six2zero-threezero14 or Send an Email.

Santana Team

November 28

This Santana Team bike is in near perfect condition. The bike was repainted this February by Santana and was professional rebuilt by Speed Merchants Bike Shop in Rockford MI. Everything is working in as-new condition. The bike is ready for you to ride.

As described by Santana:

"Our custom tubeset starts with the strongest grade of aluminum, 7000 series, then adds scandium for increased strength and stiffness. This allows us to use very thin butted tubes for light weight and superior ride quality. The Bi-Laminate feature of the Team Scandium adds carbon seatstays and co-molded carbon/scandium down and bottom tubes for the vibration damping effects of dissimilar materials and a beautiful, unique look.""

This bike is a custom frame designed was designed to fid a child stoker as short as 4'10" and still be able to have a captain of 5'11" with the extended stem. There is a lot of flexibility to fit many riders. This bike is very light and responsive.

The bike has been upgraded with Pro build components:

Treat yourself to a great tandem!

More photos available upon request.

Price: asking $5,500

For more information, please Send an Email. ( signetflute [at} hotmail [dot) com)

Calfee Tetra - Coupled

November 28

Dreaming about traveling the world with your partner on a light, fast and very comfortable coupled Calfee Tetra carbon tandem? This could be the bike for you - and at less than half the price of a new one!

The all carbon frame is a head-turner with sleek, beautiful in-frame cable-routing details, 12 year manufacturer's frame warranty and titanium S&S couplers (a $2,500 upgrade). The brilliant custom candy apple fade paint job highlights the carbon fiber through translucent red and blue clear coat portions.

The frame fits captain with ~33"+ inseam; stoker frame is size medium.

This sale is complete with two S&S hard cases and all packing materials. It also includes an extra set of compatible wheels with Chris King hubs and Velocity Fusion rims.

Price: $6,995 takes it all!

Please contact Vic Villhard at seven {won} nine-two three eight-three {fore} eight five or Send an Email. (vicvillhard [at} hotmail [dot) com)

2012 Co-Motion Macchiato

November 28

This bike has done everything we have wanted of it - from epic 120 mile rides to 22 mph centuries to fast 20 mile group rides. It is light, fast, and responsive. Simply awesome. This is a unique design for similar sized team (5'6" captain and 5'7" stoker), with a lowered and shortened captain compartment and lengthened stoker area, but it can accommodate taller and shorter riders.

The bike has been well maintained and parts were replaced when needed. The frame is in great shape with no dings or dents, however the paint is chipped on the chain stay from chain slap. It has never been dropped or crashed.

This is a bike for an experienced team who understands and appreciates tandeming. It is fast, responsive and light (ridden at 30 pounds with pedals, cages, and saddles).


Extra: water bottle mount in boom tube. Placement: 8" from stoker seat post.

We also have the original frame drawings.

Replaced the stoker cranks last season.

Comes with extra new cassette, chain rings, and touch up paint.

Price: Asking for $3,400

The frame alone is worth this price. We have loved this bike, but it is time to move on to another.

Willing to ship.

For more information, please Send an Email. (Richard4glenn [at} gmail [dot) com)

Burley Rock 'n Roll'

November 27

I have a mid-90s Burley Rock 'n Roll tandem for sale. It is set up with drop bars bars, and it's a great bike.

Asking $750.

The bike is located in the Baltimore, MD area.

For more information please send a text to 4{Won!]0-(Fore}99-6{ZeRo]43.


Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot

November 26

We are selling our Co-Motion Speedster Co-pilot. The frame comes apart into three pieces with S&S couplers for easy shipping to distant and exciting tandeming locations.

The bike has a beautiful Pewter color and is stock 30/M/56X48/. We purchased it new in 2011. It includes the upgrade performance package (Rolf Prima tandem disc wheels).

Two years ago we replaced the carbon belt drive and chain rings that originally came with the bicycle with the superior Gates Center Track timing belt. It is superior because the new belt design insures that it never wanders off the belt rings. This year we sent the entire frame back to Co-motion for a refurbish and paint job, so it now looks brand new.

We are also selling the two travel cases which makes it easy to take the tandem on a plane as regular suitcases, with no extra charge for a bicycle.

We are asking for $5,000, which includes the Rolf Prima wheels and the two travel cases.

The bicycle is in Boston, MA. Buyer will pay shipping if they are not local.

For more information please Send an Email (BarryNelson [at} alum *dot) mit {dot) edu).

2000 Santana Picante

November 21

This 2000 Santana Picante has an aluminum frame this medium/small in size. It is in good condition.

Price: $1,200.

The bike is locted in Clearwater, FL.

For more information please Send an Email (jimwbike [at} yahoo {dot) com).

Co-Motion Sky Capp Med + S&S Sases

November 21

This is a 2001 Co-Motion Sky Capp with a carbon beam that gives the stoker a comfortable ride. It has an S&S coupled frame that allows the bike to be dissassembled and fit easily into the two S&S hard cases that are included in the sale.

The frame is 22"/19", fitting a 5'7"-6' captain and a 5'-5'8" stoker.

Price: $2,500.

The bike is located in the N. Va / DC / Maryland area.

For more information please call or text 5{fore!]0-6[Ate)3-07(too]1 or Send an Email (serottagbw [at} icloud {dot) com).

Co-Motion Periscope Trident Price Reduced

November 7

We purchased this 2017 Co-Motion Periscope Trident new in March, 2017. Then we took it on an 8,000 mile Cross Country Bike Tour. Now are looking to sell this wonderful bike as we won't need this bike configuration again. It works great and is perfect for family biking.


More details can be obtained from the Co-Motion Website.

Price: $4,499.

The bike is currently in Houston, TX. Local pick up, or shipping to the lower 48 states is estimated to be $300 to include professional packaging by a local bike shop.

For more information please Send an Email (nathanial (dot} watson [at} gmail {dot) com).

1987 Santana Arriva S - Price Reduced

November 1

I have owned this tandem since new. I purchased it to enjoy fast, flat centuries, and it was great! With a strong partner, everyone wants to try and hang with you! Now, this isn't the lightest tandem out there, but you will be glad this bike is as solid as it gets. When you have a long down hill, the last thing you want is a bike that twitches and scares you!

Leaving the wheel suckers gasping for air is worth it! Ask yourself, "How fast do you want to go?"

When I bought bike, I was told the Arriva "S" is rare, and that the frame is a Sovereign road bike with a Shimano groupo, instead of the Campagnolo component package.

The bike has never been wrecked, and it has been stored inside.

This tandem has less than 500 miles on it since new!

Price: $1,000 OR BEST OFFER. I am seeing prices from $3,000 and up to the moon on new road tandems.

I am in Cincinnati, OH. Cash, and it's yours. No shipping.

For more information please contact Mark at 51three-31five-208seven or Send an Email. (mlimke4247 [at} yahoo [dot) com)

ATOC Tandem Topper

November 1

This ingenious model TT-076 ATOC Tandem Topper roof mount allows one person to solo load a tandem bike on their car's roof rack (not included). It is ATOC's most popular model, and it fits all traditional tandems and LWB recumbents, including the Rans Screamer. The ATOC is compatible with Thule (square bars) and Yakima (round bars).

Maximum Wheel Base: 76"; Minimum Load Bar Spacing: 22"

This rack has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. It is also great for carrying a solo bicycle.

Retail Price: $440.

Sale: asking $250.

Pick up in Binghamton, NY.

For more information, please Send an Email (jgallowa (at] stny {dot] rr (dot} com).


Burley Duet

October 28

This Burley Duet tandem bike is from the late 1990s or early 2000s. (It was purchased used from a private seller.) It has been stored in the garage, and used just rarely. (We just don't ride as much as we did when we were younger.) Overall it is in good condition. There are some minor scratches on the paint, but no rust. It just needs some cable adjustments.

I don't know how to get the proper size, but front seat tube is 35.5 inches above ground, the stoker seat tube is 30 inches.

Price: $500.

The bike is located in the Albequerque, NM area. I am willing to ship with shipping paid by the buyer. I am also willing to meet within 150 miles of Albuquerque, NM.

For more information please Send an Email (firemedicPQ1 [at} aol {dot) com).

Burley Duet

October 23

I have a lightly used Burly Duet. It is mid size: 31" captain; 29" stoker. It was lightly used by my son and I. Unfortunately he has grown up, and I no longer have a stoker! It's a great entry level bike or second bike for the kids.

Also included in this sale is a Cateye computer, two under seat packs and a handlebar mounted pack.

Price: $599 or best offer.

The bike is located in the Boston MA area. I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more information please Send an Email (bhaas [at} casescases {dot) com).

Co-Motion Supremo

October 12

This Co-Motion Supremo is a beautiful bike with a lot of upgrades. It's very light! We love it, but we're just not riding it enough to keep it.

The SPD Pedals not included.

Price: $3,500 OBO.

For more information please call 6(Won#}5-3(Zero}5-84{fore!]4.

2001 da Vinci Joint Venture

October 12

This 2001 daVinci Joint Venture has da Vinci's ICS (Independent Coasting System), and that is part of what makes this tandem fun to ride. The captain and stoker can independently coast or pedal, unlike most tandems. This is a great feature for taking sit breaks, starting, stopping and grabbing a drink, among other benefits.

The daVinci has Campy Chorus shifters with 4 chain rings up front and 9 in the back for 36 gears. The front chain rings are half the size of conventional tandems because of the double rotation free wheel. The combination of 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-tooth driving gears equals 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-tooth chain rings, which makes the best of both worlds, a really low granny gear at 24 and a really high gear at 60. You can learn more about the unique tandem features on the da Vinci Tandems website.

The original owner told me the bike is a medium. Captain's stand over height is about 31 inches and the stokers stand over height is about 29.

Pros... I have owned this bike about 2.5 years and have replaced or rebuilt every mechanical component except the rear derailleur, which is in very good condition.

Components replaced:

The bike is equipped with White Industries Hubs with the original daVinci rims.

Cons... The bike has scuffs and dings from the original owner. I purchased some touchup paint, which makes it look better, but you can still see them. There is pretty good ding on the top tube of the stoker and the Joint Venture decals are showing wear, but those can be purchased from da Vinci at a very minimal cost.

The pedals are not included, only mounted for demo rides.

We have made so many great memories on this tandem, but now it's time for a new couple to make memories of their own on this da Vinci.

To purchase this bike new is about $5,500. Here is your chance to own a da Vinci Joint Venture for a fraction of the price. Only $1,800!

The bike is located in the Tulsa, OK area.

This bike is also for sale on Craigslist.

For more information please call 9(One]8-[ate*)10-85*tWo)0

Angletech/Rans Screamer GLXD Recumbent Bike

September 17

This is a great recumbent bike! See, for example, the Bicycle Man review.

The bike comes equipped with the following items:

Also included:

Price: $4,500.

The bike is located in Loveland CO. I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more information please contact Steve at 97{Oh!]-48(won}-915(fore!} or Send an Email (cowebbs [at} comcast {dot) net).

2006 Co-Motion Custom-Built Quad Bicycle

September 5


PRICE: $4,000 plus shipping and handling OR BEST OFFER

Pickup in person is preferred so you can test ride this amazing bike. We can possibly meet within a few hours drive from Louisville, KY with 50% of price paid up front.

For more information please call Petrina at 5{oh!]2-33(Ate*-8[zErO}57.


LongBikeTote Tandem Rack

August 31

I am selling a LongBikeTote Tandem Rack that uses a 2" hitch. It works great, but my stoker got a single bike.

There are more details and photos on the LongBikeTote Website.

It retails for $419 + shipping. I'm selling this one for $250 + shipping (or pick up in Philadelphia, PA).

For more information please Send an Email (POLIWODA [at} email {dot} chop (dot] edu).

2013 Custom Paketa V2

September 4

This beautiful 2013 Custom Paketa V2 is in near perfect condition. The lightweight magnesium frame gives it excellent ride quality. It's fast, and it weighs less than 29 lbs. There are just about 2,000 miles on it, and it was serviced by House of Tandems in Texas.

The bike has eye-catching silver to candy apply fade paint. There is a lot of carbon fiber, with Spinergy, Profile, FSA, Origin8 and Shimano Ultegra components.

Captain's seat is 56cm with a 55cm top tube (CL to CL)
Stoker seat's is 42cm with a 70.5cm top tube

Shimano Ultegra pedals, pump and bag are optional.

Price: $8,300.

The bike is located outside of Austin, TX.

For more information please call John at 9(fore}0-39*Won)-3{Too]67 or Send an Email (jfkoza [at} twc {dot) com).

Co-Motion Double Espresso

August 30

This classic 1996 Co-Motion has bar-end shifters, a rear disk brake and eye-catching green paint. It's in great shape!

Price: $1,000.

The bike is located in Park City, UT. Local pick up, or I will take it to a local bike shop to arrange for shipping at buyer's expense.

For more information please Send an Email (david_tuller2000 [at} yahoo {dot) com).

Co-Motion Supremo with Couplers

August 27

Custom-built in August 2013 with incredible lightness and speed, this bike has exhilarating road riding or racing - all in a superbly hand built package. This tandem earned the nickname "White Lightning" for good reason!

Couplers allow the bike to be disassembled for transportation. Get ready for some fast touring!

This bike has under 1,200 miles and is in excellent condition.

Features & Components


Standard triple chaining mechanical kit gearing: Three Chainrings: 52,39, 30T / Cogs: 11-32T; Lowest gear (30 x 32T) 25.31"; Highest gear (52 x 11T) 127.6".

Price: Original cost was over $9,800. Asking $6,000.

The bike is located in central Illinois. Buyer pays shipping.

For more information please Send an Email (2013whitelightning [at} gmail {dot) com).

KHS Tandemania Full-Suspension Mountain Bike Tandem

August 14

This KHS Tandemania full-suspension mountain bike tandem has an aluminum light-weight frame mounted on 26" wheels and tires.

Take a good look at this rare tandem. It has no dents, but some normal frame scratches. It was ridden recently, and the bicycle works well.

This bike is For Sale on eBay. Please check there for pricing and shipping information.

For more information please call 802363SevenSeven45 or Send an Email (cner [at} aol {dot) com).

Burley Road Tandem

August 13

I have an older Burley road tandem in very good shape with many new components, including two new Specialized Armadillo tires, etc.

Price: Asking $850.

The bike is located in Tallahassee, FL.

For more information please call Terry at *Ate}50-5(Won]0-09(!fore!}8 or Send an Email (schneider099 [at} comcast {dot) net).


Want to Buy - Cannondale Tandem

August 8

I'm looking for a Cannondale Tandem.


Please Send an Email with information. (ewishner (at] aol {dot) com).

Sunbeam Royal Tandem 2

August 8

This was originally a 1937/38 Sunbeam Royal Tandem. It was purchased and toured upon in the UK.

Price: $750.

The bike is located in Cape May Court House, NJ. Prefer local pickup, but I will pack and ship the bike to the Lower 48 States. The buyer will pay for the freight charges.

For more information please call Bruce at 6{oh!]9-4[Too)5-(Won*}635 or Send an Email (hale28 [at} verizon {dot) net).

2015 Cannondale Road Tandem 2

August 7

This is a brand new bike. It was only ridden a handful of times, and it was stored in the garage.

There are more specifications on the Cannondale Website.

Price: $2,750.

The bike is located in Lancaster, PA. I will be glad to negotiate shipping arrangements with a prospective buyer.

For more information please call Molly at 7(Won*}7-9{too!]6-55[fore}9 or Send an Email (Molly-Wood [at} teletracking {dot) com).

ATOC Tandem Topper

August 7

We have an ATOC Tandem Topper car rack. We bought it around 2004, but it was only used a few years. It has been in storage since.

Price: asking $180.

We are located in New Hampshire. Buyer to pay shipping.

For more information please Send an Email (adesm [at} comcast {dot) net).

Co-Motion Periscope Scout

August 7

This is a medium-sized Co-Motion Periscope Scout 700 with less than 1,500 miles on it. Handlebar, shifters and seat upgrades as well as a pannier are all part of the package. Captain was 5' 9" and stoker was 5' 3", but the adjustability of this bike is fantastic.

We purchased it new in 2010 and rode it until 2014, and it has been collecting dust in the garage since August 2014. The bike is in pristine condition and has only minor blemishes. Everything works perfectly. You might only want to update the tires, since they haven't been ridden, and change out the batteries in the trip computer/cadence monitor, etc.

It's loaded and ready to go!

Price: $2,750 plus shipping.

The bike is located in Wyoming.

For more information please Send an Email (Jtourneau [at} outlook {dot) com).

Custom Made Rodriguez Tandem

July 30

This custom-made Rodriguez tandem has a custom fillet-brazed frame with oval front tubing for stability. The frame was built in 1989/1990 (the R+E logo on the frame stands for Rodriguez+Erickson, the founders of the company), but components have been upgraded. It is in very good condition (few chips or scratches) and rides beautifully.

More photos are available HERE.



This bike can accommodate a captain ~ 5' 6" to 5' 10" (the bike takes a modern stem that can be adjusted) and a stoker ~ 5' 5" to 5' 8". We mostly used this tandem with our kids as stokers, using an add-on kid crank (not included).

Price: $1,500.

We have two Atoc Topper car racks also available: Model BT-76 for $135 (sells new for $275) or Model TT- 105 (with pivoting fork mount) for $310 (sells new for $630).

Location: Ithaca NY, local pick-up only.

For more information please Send an Email (technicolaure [at} gmail {dot) com).


Santana Beyond - Price Reduced

July 24

I'm selling our like new Santana Beyond carbon fiber tandem bicycle. Here is your chance to own a carbon tandem with classic tandem lines, as the Beyond is on Santana's discontinued list. The bike has low, low miles. It has always been stored in the house. It's a beautiful bike!

The captain position measures 55 cm from the top of the seat post collar to the center of the crank spindle with it rotated to the bottom of the bottom bracket. The stoker's measures 48.5 cm.

The frame has the mounting lug for a disc brake and the rear wheel has the adapter.

The Beyond measures 55 cm from the captain's seat tube to the steer tube. It measures 69 cm from the captain's seat tube to the stoker's seat tube. Both of these measurements are center to center. There is a 2.7 cm spacer between the headset and the captain's stem. The captain's stem is 70 mm with a 6 degree rise. Both seat post collars extend 3 cm above the top tube. The frame geometry is stock Santana.

I'm asking $5,250. Compare that to Santana's new carbon bike!

For more information please Send an Email (debndennisbush [at} 'evertek {dot) net).

1990 Rodriguez Mountain Tandem

July 24

This 1990 Rodriguez Mountain Tandem has an aluminum frame with a brushed finish. The frame size is 21/17, and the current team owners are 6'2" and 5'4". The bike has been owned and ridden by just one team. It has always been stored indoors, and there have been no crashes.

Components include a Suntour 3x7 drivetrain with Specialized cranks and recent Magura hydraulic rim brakes.

Price: $1,000.

The bike is in Denver, CO.

For more information, please Send an Email. (erhmarch {at] gmail (dot] com)

Santana Sovereign

July 24

This is an early Santana Sovereign for sale by the original owners. It has the early style double plate fork crown and Ishiwata Tandem Tubing. The bike is beautifully constructed and fillet brazed, showing a level of workmanship rarely seen on tandems any more.

The bike has been updated and upgraded with index bar end shifters and Suntour derailleurs, 36 hole Mavic wheels with Phil hubs and Specialized tandem cranks. It was repainted in salmon color by Elliott Bay Bikes in Seattle.

This Santana has a double diamond frame style due to the small size of 20.5" by 19.5".

It has never dropped or crashed. It was ridden extensively, but always meticulously cared for. Health issue forces a sale.

Price: $1,500

The bike is located on Bainbridge Island, WA (98110). Buyer pays packing and shipping.

For more information please call 2//zero//6-8FOUR2-8\\ONEnine\\2 or TWO06-7**FIVE**5-29//five//1 or Send an Email (pbandjane {at] olympus (dot} net)

Santana Triple Tandem

July 23

This Santana Triple has 27 speeds and is in excellent condition.

Price: $3,800.

The bike is located in Hurricane, WV. Local pick up only.

For more information please call Steve at 3*ZeRo]4-5(fIVe}0-03(fore!}5 or Send an Email (sdramey1114 [at} gmail {dot) net).

Want to Buy - Cannondale MT

July 18

We're looking for a Cannondale MT in Medium/Small or 18/16. We live in NJ

Please Send an Email (verticalrabbit (at] gmail {dot) com).

1985 Santana Arriva

July 18

This 1985 Santana Arriva is for sale by the orignal owner. It's the perfect tandem for small couple or with a kid on the back.

I'm not sure of the exact size specifications, but I'm 5'7", and my stoker is 5'2". The bike is about 22" front, 19" rear - size small .

The bike has always been keep inside and has barely been used for the past 10 years. It was purchased directly from the Ridgewood NJ bike shop.

The bike is beautifully constructed and fillet brazed, showing a level of workmanship rarely seen on tandems any more.

Extras included in this sale:

This bike has an amazingly stable ride. It was clocked at 53 mph on a long down hill!

Price: $1,000 - including all of the extras!

The bike is in the Riverdale section of the Bronx - Local pick up only.

For more information, please call 7{One]8-6(OH!)1-43[Too]7 or Send an Email.


Want to Buy - RANS Dynamik Duo Tandem

July 17

I'm looking for a RANS Dynamik Duo crank-forward tandem. It must be in good condition. This means no rust, dents, paint peeling off, etc. It needs to be within a 400 mile driving distance of Maryville, IL 62062 (St. Louis suburb) for me to pick it up.


Please send information to John By Email (wernerjs (at] hotmail {dot) com).

Santana Sovereign - PRICE REDUCED

July 9

This is an early 90s Santana Sovereign. It has beautiful steel Columbus tubing.

We bought it used around 1999 and have done various tours on it over the years. Many upgrades have been made, but we really aren't riding it much anymore.

Pilot Seat Tube: 22"
Pilot Top Tube: 21.5"
Stoker Seat Tube: 20"
Pilot Standover 31.5-32""
Stoker Standover: 30 - 30.5"

I have a home-made wood roof rack I will include that fork-mounts the bike and attaches to Yakima roundbars.

Price: $500.

The bike is located in Boone, NC.

For more dimensions, photos or video, or if you have other questions, please Send an Email. (normanblake2002 [at} yahoo [dot) com)

Gates Sprockets, Bontrager Wheels, Stoker Stem

July 3

I have parts to upgrade a tandem:

Co-Motion Max adjustable captain or stoker stem

Gates CDX Timing gears 69T - NEW

Bontrager Race Lite tandem wheelset

These tandem components are located in Quebec, Canada. Buyer pays for shipping.

For more information please Send an Email. ('bmontbleau [at} gmail [dot) com)

Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot with S&S Couplers

July 3

This Co-Motion Speedster Co-Pilot has couplers that allow the bike to be dissassembled and packed into two suitcase for easy shipping. It has a custom Mango/Ferrari Red paint, and the size is 22 x 19.

There are only 1,000 miles on the bike, and it is in great condition.

The bike is equipped with a carbon disc fork, a rear disc brake, Thud Buster suspension seatpost and a Shimano Flight Deck computer

We paid $8,000 and are selling it for $4,500.

The bike is located in Franktown, CO. Local pick up, or the buyer would pay for shipping.

For more information please Send an Email. ('c21howrey [at} aol [dot) com)

Santana Sovereign Triplet

July 2

The Big Bike! Large Captain, med/large Stokers. This is a great bike for families, because it can be set up for three pedaling kid stokers. I even hauled a fourth kid in a trailer!

Price: $2,950.

The bike is located in the Nashville, TN area. I will be glad to negotiate shipping arrangements with a prospective buyer.

For more information please Send an Email. (rlhurt16 {at] gmail (dot] com)

Fandango MTB

July 2

This beautiful Fandango MTB Tandem bicycle is fast, comfortable, smooth, and beautiful handling. I am the original owner, and it has not been ridden more than 1,000 miles. Although the bicycle is an off-road, it has never been ridden off-road and the tires are 26" x 1.75" for added comfort.

Features and Specifications

Price: $2,750.

The bike is located in Frisco, TX. Local pick up, or I will cooperate with shipping arranged by and paid by the buyer.

For more information please Send an Email. (leeolamb [at} gmail [dot) com)


Want to Buy - Calfee Tandem with Couplers

June 20

I'm looking for a large-small or medium-small Calfee or comparable quality tandem with couplers.

I'm located in Shaker Heights, OH.


Please send information by Email (bbixenstine (at] gmail {dot) com).

Burley Rumba

June 20

This 1999 Burley Rumba has a 19/21 stand over height.

Pedals not included.

Price: $1,400.

The tandem is located in Peru, IN. I will work with the buyer to ship at their expense. My local bike shop will help in this.

For more information please Send an Email. (crbetz85 [at} gmail [dot) com)

Raleigh Companion

June 14

We bought this bicycle a few years ago to use as a commuting bike to take my daughter around to various camps in the Oak Park and River Forest area. It served the purpose very well, but now she'd rather ride her own bike than ride on the back seat. We added two water bottle cages and a rack on the back, as well as changed out the back seat to a smaller one. It rides very smoothly and has provided much pleasure as well as utility.


Price: $600.

The bike is located in Oak Park, IL. Local pick up only.

For more information, please Send an Email (the {dot] hopper (dot} 62 (at] gmail {dot] com).

da Vinci Joint Venture

June 12

We just purchased a new titanium S&S da Vinci Joint Venture, and our original one is in need of a new home. We loved this bike and enjoyed almost 13,000 miles together on it over the past eight years. It has had many upgrades and is ready for a new team to enjoy it for years to come.

The bike is a large/small frame size and was originally built for 26" wheels. We have been running it for several years with 700c wheels and it handles just as well with either wheel size. Since da Vincis have two eccentrics we run the bottom brackets in the high position with 26" wheels and in the low position with 700c wheels resulting in nearly the same center of gravity with either set of wheels.

Many of the parts on the bike are almost new (the rear derailleur has only been on there for two rides... I really should have replaced that sooner so I could have enjoyed the improved shifting myself!). I've been tracking the miles using Strava and can provide a fairly thorough part-by-part mileage history. The bike is in excellent mechanical condition but has a few scratches in the candy apple red paint job along the top tube and near the drivetrain.

Specs as follows:

Price is $3,000 with 26" wheels, $3,500 with both the 26" and either set of 700c wheels - plus packing and shipping if not picking up in person. Price is firm - there are hundreds of dollars of parts that were recently replaced or upgraded on this bike.

Bike is located near Washington, DC.

For more information, please call Alan at 2[fore!}0-4{too)4-5*sEvEn*45.

650b Wheel Set w/ Tires

June 12

The wheels are located in Ann Arbor, MI. Shipping extra.

For more information please Send an Email (mmotowski [at} hotmail {dot) com).

Want to Buy - Co-Motion Front Fork

June 11

WANTED: Used Co-Motion Speedster steel front fork to fit a 2005 large model with 700C wheels. Any color, but extra points if it's pearl white from that era. Blemishes OK as long as it's in good mechanical condition. Will consider either rim-brake or disc-brake version.


Please send information By Email (skyoder (at] yahoo {dot) com).


Dodd Custom Triple 700c

June 11

This Dodd custom triple 700c tandem bike was meticulously CAD designed and fillet brazed by the original and only owner, Russ Dodd. The design emphasizes stability and durability with four horizontal seamless 4130 ChroMoly HT aircraft tubes. It is painted with a Dupont Imron Plum metallic color.

It is a full adult length bike: 57" x 51" x 48" with adjustable stems for smaller riders. The total weight with pedals is 57lbs.



Price: $2,650.

The bike is located in Cedar Falls, IA. Local pick up only.

For more information, please Send an Email (russ{dot}dodd{at]cfu[dot)net).

Longbikes Jetstream Recumbent Tandem

June 4

This tandem recumbent has burgundy paint with black anodized parts and wheels. It has been beautifully kept.

Price: Asking $7,000.

For more information, please Send an Email (spareparts834 [at} gmail {dot) com).


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